Monday, April 30, 2018

April 30 IFJM Gala Opening

The Gala Opening
Monday April 30th, 2018

I painted this one from a photograph of last night just before the party got really rolling.  And what a magical night it was! Cindy and I are on the left guarding the opening doors to make sure no food or drink goes into the exhibit.  Becker is in the front waiting for his friend, the art critique, Tony. Daphne from the White Wash Barn is here talking to Zoey and Fiona. The Strickland Kid is on the right mulling around with Chris waiting for their friends to arrive. The place started getting really crowded and when the chamber musicians arrived, everyone got in the mood for a sipping wine under the stars and musing about our short lives here on this planet. What kind of mark shall we leave? Like the Masters of the Renaissance, what sort of friendships and connections will help us be our very best selves? 

And now look at our mystery guest! It's Enid!!! 

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