Thursday, February 19, 2015

Francoise et Simone

Here are six ten minute segments from and interview I had with my mom and her sister Francoise around 2000.

Link one of six

Link two of six

Link three of six

Link four of six

Link five  of six

Link six of six

Pour Toi - Thoughts with my Mom

The top left reminds me of a time with my mom
We were flying to Chico in a small plane.(top left)
We both gazed out the window and saw the moon aglow( top right)
and then felt great love for each other ( bottom left)
And today I still dream about this ( bottom right)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Mark Helprin In Sunlight and in Shadow

“Souls, like rays of light, exist in perfect, parallel equality, always. But for when infinitely short a time they pass through the rough and delaying mechanism of life, they separate and disentangle, encountering different obstacles, traveling at different rates, like light refracted by the friction of things in its path. Emerging on the other side, they run together once more, in perfection. For the short and difficult span when confounded by matter and time they are made unequal, they try to bind together as they always were and eventually will be. The impulse to do so is called love. The extend to which they exceed is called justice. And the energy lost in the effort is called sacrifice. On the infinite scale of things, this life is to a spark what a spark is to all the time man can imagine, but still, like a sudden rapids or bend in the river, it is that to which the eye of God may be drawn from time to time out of interest in happenstance.”
― Mark Helprin, In Sunlight and in Shadow

This quote above describes my feelings today as my mom begins her travels to a back of perfect light and love. She is sleeping about 20 hours a day now but is peaceful.  It is hard to do any painting right now. Maybe soon

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm her in this town.

I'm here in this town

I was raised to try harder than I want,
and to accept
getting buried in someone else's treasure.

I'm just alright but the moon's awkward light,
asked me to promise
to bear this sort of burden.

When I look to the stars
to see which one is ours,
   I barely, just barely
   trust the answer.

So I'll do what I can
to share this great land 
and to take out all the hills and distractions.

Though I know that I'm one
and I know she is too,
I've made a promise to always support her.

I'll catch her when she falls,
I'll wrap her when she's cold,
and I'll breathe on my own
when I'm able.

I'm here in this town, on somewhat familiar ground
giving the gift that I know
I was called to.

So pass me the light and I'll point it just right   
to    the    places
that need a little brilliance.