Friday, July 1, 2022

Celebrating 55 years of Journal writing


July 1, 1967 to July 1, 2022
I’m celebrating 55 years of journal writing today. The process has evolved over the years but no matter what I recognize myself in those pages. Always striving for the undoable and the unknowable. Often learning and doing as a result. But never really feeling like I successfully uncovered the mysteries of life. Sometimes I hatch plots and create goals and make lists. The best journals are ones that I make that have no lines so I have room to scribble and draw. These particular pages came from my daughter’s engineering office. They were on a long, huge roll used to print out architectural drawings. Now obsolete. I unrolled and cut them into 9 by 11 sheets of paper, used a three hole punch and voila. The sea otter cover appeared after splashing paint about and having no idea what would come of it. The sea otter just appeared as if to say…. Play with me. And so I will.