Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dog One needs a name.

My first watercolor dog worth showing. After a day of trying out different media I am settling on watercolors and markers. The paper is pretty basic at a weight of 93 pounds. It is good for about two washes. I didn't want to waste time with the expensive arches paper. My plan is to draw a couple of more before showing them to a friend who needs some doggies for her book. My biggest challenge will be consistency.

Doing art everyday is new to me. It takes a certain amount of discipline. This week I spent 20 hours working doing something in the art world. A RECORD!!!!
To carve out this time, I ran around the rest of the time trying to get everything ELSE done. No easy task. But if I want to get better and be "in the game" I will have to restructure my day. Less, FB, less chatting, less visiting, less house cleaning, less cooking and a later end to my day. I am NOT going to sacrifice working out. I am going to give this another week and see how it goes. The upside is that I am getting better and I am more organized. Also the dark voices of doubt are getting quieter. And of course the best part is that  I feel more connected to life in general.

Super Giraffe

My first of a month long story about Giselle my Super Giraffe.