Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Renaissance Art from the MET


Young Woman with a Pitcher 1662 by Vermeer

I liked Vermeer so much that I copied the style to make a post card.

Portrait of Gerard de Lairesse by Rembrandt. 1665
This sitter was a painter in his own right and painted the tableau below. A drastically different style from Rembrandt. I can't help but wonder if Lairesse gravitated to the more fantastical, ideal style because of his own infirmity. He suffered from congenial syphillis which cause him to later go blind. 

Apollo and Aurora 1671 by Gerard de Lairesse 
This was taken out of storage from the MET to contrasts the two artists style. 

Two weeks in NYC

I'm still experiencing Trip Lag. It's been three days since my return but my heart and soul will remain in New York for a little while longer. It's an emotional kind of lag. 

New York is home and I feel like an expat out in the Northwest.  I imagine I could move back and my entire adult life would feel like a very long trip. 

My first day I traveled to the Central Park Zoo with Colette and Eamon. They have been animal lovers from the beginning. We used to head to the Seattle Zoo on a regular basis.

 Having lived in the city for two years now, they have become street savvy, which made it easier on me. They know their address, how to hail a cab and how to walk home as well.

The aviary.

Playing sink or float.


Here we are in the park playing around like we were in the country side. 

And here they are at 5am headed for London and Paris with their parents. 

The first thing I did on my own was to head  to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and meet up with my old high school friend Fern Estrow. The day was delightful, free spirited and thrilling. I returned to the MET three more time and still didn't have my fill. Not even close. 

The second day I went to visit my BFF from High School up in Peekskill,  Donna Ellrodt Dahl. She came out a little fuzzy but at our age, this can be a good thing.

Before I knew it, Alex arrived and we rediscovered the joys of riding around in the subway..

I have to say, it was actually fun. It kept us feeling young and remembering our teen years. 

Here I am with Claudia Keenan. She has a wealth of knowledge on New York History. Alex and I so enjoyed a of morning brew with her at Bryant Park.

No trip can be complete with out this iconic scene from Central Park.

At the Cloisters. This stone work surrounding the door way was found in the 1950's abandoned in a park in France. 

The Cloisters, a medieval garden of medicinal plants. 

 An Espalier

This time Mary is the sleeping baby held by her mother St. Anne. A curious piece. 


And now I am back at the MET. The Madonna and Baby scenes fascinate me.

Meanwhile, Colette took Paris by Storm

And in London, the grandkids discovered the Rosetta Stone. How cool is that?

Meanwhile I got a licking from the beloved Taz.

Shopping with Colette and Emily in Brooklyn.

Friday, April 7, 2023

Regatta meets the Post Bugle

The Post Bugle

( The colors are more muted than mine. Something I still need to work on. ) 

This is a mash up of a Monet Painting called Regatta at Argenteuil, 1872 and the Post Bugle , 1941. The Post Bugle is a newspaper was published  in Harrington Park NJ and featured updates on the local soldiers out to war, two of which were my uncles. I found it amongst my grandmother's things. She was not doubt an avid reader of this local rag. I'm heading off to NY in two days and will return to her stomping grounds and revel in the historic city.

While I study Monet's color palette, II collage and fall  in-love with serendipity.

Thank-you # Robyn Mclendon  for the great lesson