Friday, May 30, 2014

The Phantom of Kenton High

I am happy to announce the publishing for Naida Webster's first book. It was written back in 1982 and has a delightful retro feel to it. I had a great time creating the cover illustration and if you are looking for a fun murder mystery that will take you back in time, but it on Amazon!

About the Book

Cady Ryan didn’t like what was happening at her high school. Several students had lost their lives in what authorities called tragic accidents. Cady decides to do something about what she believes are deliberate attempts to get rid of students that are not performing well or behaving badly. Cady proceeds to prove her theory nearly becoming a victim of the persona she labeled The Phantom of Kenton High

Congratulations Daniella

Hello Everyone,

I finally got a tour of my daughter's  office building and it is phenomenal. 15 foot ceilings, radiant heating and all off the grid for both water and electricity. All of the water is from the rain and then recycled (no sewers and no city water) and the electricity comes from solar panels. They put the nicest views on a magnificent glassed in 6 story stair case to encourage everyone to walk. All of the lighting is natural---like from the sun. The toilets use foam and no water. It is beautiful, comfortable year round 74 degrees and maximizes natural light. Daniella's firm did the engineering for the building. I imagine a great future for her and this technology! 

Welcome to the stairs.

Don't look down!

Look up and see the Solar Panels


Here is my space. Notice the light coming in without need for artificial light

The Conference Room - a great place to dream big.

6th floor sliding glass doors that actually open up during nice weather.  This building has so many details that all make sense.  You need to go on your own tour. Just check out the website on sustainability.