Friday, September 25, 2015

For all the dreamers

For all the dreamers
You've got your head in the clouds
You're so unfocused
Why can't you sit still?
You can't finish a project
Pay attention!
Not everyone who wants to be famous becomes famous
Dreams happen, but not to you
If you drop out of school, you will be nothing
Your dreams are too big
You're a fool
You have an Insatiable appetite for excess
You're obsessed
Your energy would be better spent changing the world in a different way
Forget you!
I'm a dreamer,and I'm not letting go
You don't understand
What you don't know
I'm going to seek the art
Find the beauty
Value the truth
Make my own music
Work my ass off
Pull myself out of this mess
I'll be known
For the gift I possess   
            One day,   
                        I hope you find your own

Poetry by Courtney Hanes, Art by Sandra Moreano

This poem was inspired by the Oscar's overall, but Jared Leto's acceptance speech for supporting actor, first up, really solidified the beauty of the night; the transforming of oneself into a character to move others. It is the human experience that we all have in common which connects us, and inspires us. His speech, his character, and his story of birth to a single, teenage, dropout mother, really hits home. He paid tribute to those around the world who are living through war, disease, and poverty, and who have not let go of the dreams. Today's poem is for all the dreamers... because the only way to continue to dream is to insist that those dreams are stronger than those who 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Daniella's Wedding Photos have arrived!

May 30, 2015  Buffalo, NY

Wahler's on the left and Moreano's on the right.

The Moreano's

Our extended Moreano Family.

Alex, Buster, Cleo, Jean, Erica, Keir, Natalie, Sandra, Lucas, Jody

Walking down the aisle with Dad

Corey Waits for his bride.

Colette rehearsing with Jett

Colette lets go of the leash!

Jett is free but not for long!

Giving away the bride.

The ceremony


Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Wahler!

So proud of the new couple!

Let the party begin!

Alex tells a good joke 

Alex welcomes everyone in to the family

The Wahlers are rejoicing

Corey's dad celebrates

Corey's parents feeling proud

The O'conner's!

Daniella, Emily and baby Eamon in da belly!

A sweet night!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Baby Boy has a name! His name is Eamon ( rhymes with Ramon). It is a celtic name and so he takes after his father Keir. So...

Presenting a now smiling three day old baby 
Eamon William Moreano
Please welcome him into this world!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Monday, September 14, 2015

For Pete

for pete

a good song makes us linger
on a smokey mountain road
where it's too cold to head out.
but not too cold to go.

Art is a watercolor of Mt Hood, Oregon on a foggy day.
Words are from Courtney Hanes

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Mermaid Divers of Japan

The Mermaid Divers of Japan

he sits in the boat
like he has for years,
armed with a little less stamina
and a little less fat
because he knows
this is a woman't game,
and his role a
as a loyal husband
is to wait.

Art by Sandra Moreano and Words by Courtney Hanes

This poem is based on a story from the CBS Sunday Morning about the Ama Divers of Japan. One particular woman diver highlighted was an 80 year-old grandmother. What a beautiful story of stamina and tradition. It definitely makes me want to learn more.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Anvil Rock Road

Anvil Rock Road

Songs surprise me now

I sing along, but the words are scuffed

And changed

and sad where they were once happy

And happy where they were once sad

She creeps in.

Sometimes I scream

To please leave,

Other times, I let her linger

Just above the clouds

and the ridge line

Until I'm ready to release

If I'm ready

In between tears and touch

My heart races

And retreats,

But on it beats,

on it beats

Thank God

It beats

I'm leaving some of her here

among the rocks and trees

because they'll know what to do

with her

more than I.

And I'm growing tired of her.

Tired but grateful

For the part that hovers

The sway and swallow

The revelations

and extremes

Today we found some

ground that was common

Inside our hurt and pain

And false walls and anger

And betrayal and shame

And parents, our own

The cycle of broken

Stops here

On Anvil Rock Road

A dark bird flew

While the wind blew

And cows mooed

And in that warm Arizona sun,

I left a piece of you.

For that one moment,

I was restless no more.

I smiled and cried,

I stopped keeping score.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ruston Point

Took Rita out for a walk along Ruston Point today. The ferry was busy running back and fort to Vashon Island. Sept 6th and the gray has descended.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Getting ready to study birds

I picked up several books on birds at a nearby garage sale. So not I a
m stoked to learn more and then take a hike in search of their flight, sounds and colors.