Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dancing the Past

Here is a sketch I completed in Avignon in a park my mother went to often as a child. I don't know if this sculpture was there at the time but it really caught my eye this afternoon.

Paris with Anne and George

After string in Versailles we head to have some Champagne and appetizers out side of the palace gates . The a nice Pizza at the house. After wonderful conversation we are now armed with good ideas for strength to conquer Paris in the morning.


Today we went The Fabre museum in Montpellier and saw Caravaggio paintings along with several others that followed. We couldn't take photos but we did have a wonderful and informative time.

Afterwards we stopped for a 4pm Gouter

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Villneuve Avignon

Across the Rhone river in Avignon is an equally beautiful old village. It is called "New Avignon" even though it was built in the 1300's

We ate a lovely dinner and stopped in a cave that made olive oil on the way home .


Here are some more pictures from Avignon along my favorite Street. Called Rue des Teintures. It has a canal if water running through it that used to support a paddle wheel that would inturn rotate a vat of dye. The soldier's red pants were painted that way using local flowers.

Also take a look at the graffiti that says "tomorrow is far away " Love it.

Le Pont de Gard

We completed this great pilgrimage today. My ancestors have picnicked here for hundreds of years.

Avignon Palais des Papes

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My aunt married an Artist named Tristan. He is both musical and artistic. Last night he was kind to give us a sample of his work. This one is called La Pagode de l'hibiscus.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Medical School, a first

Vero had a great talk with mom this afternoon ( well it was night for us)

she said I was perfect in every way but she was shocked that I had never dried my laundry out on a line before! Quell horror!

We have been going so fast that I am all wound up. It is hot and I really need to sleep. But I can't.

In the morning I have a bunch of little things to take care of like change a train reservation and check the contents of my cash card and make a hotel res for Avignon. None of this should take more than 15 minutes but I am ready for hassles. The Internet is slow, my passwords and numbers are not fully working on the French sites and the keyboard is unfamiliar. I am ready for a two hour hassle.

And I have Montpellier on my mind. I imagine mom and dad meeting up in the 1950's and Mark living in town in the 1970's and my French family who frequent the streets today. On top of that went on a tour of the first formal medical school formed some around 1069AD.
The tour was in French and so I missed a lot of info. But what I did understand was pretty cool. The tour ended with a sort of museum of Anatomy. It was gruesome but also amazing. My head spins with so much history and science. I forget that humanity has come so far. I fully intend to do some more research and fill you in with the interesting details.

Tomorrow we head back to the beach to spend some more time itch Mirelle and then have dinner with Francoise.

So here are some photos of The place de Comedy and of the medical museum.

Just Lookin'

Enjoyed Montpellier today. Alex a little more than me today!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Voila les Chabals!!

Had a wonderful night with my cousins and aunt Francoise . So glad to reconnect.