Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day Eleven: The Eclispe

10:34 in the morning on our second day, led by Pedro, a prominent astronomer, we witnessed a solar annular eclipse.  He handed out special sunblocking glasses and explained to us that the moon would briefly align between the earth and the sun. And so for a period of 30 minutes or the sun light would darken and we would feel a chill. To witness this even with fellow nature lovers in this special Parque was a highlight for me. Alex shared our binoculars and that helped to see the eclipse larger with a cast of green light. 

Gathering for the big event.

Our fearless leader Pedro

Taking a brief look with the special glasses 

Johanna is second to the left. She is the Parque manager and became a fast friend.

After the eclipse we took another hike. Shorter this time, but still spectacular

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