Thursday, April 14, 2022

30 Day Flower Challenge. The Calla Lily


I think this may be a case where the still life set up is better than the art work. Clearly I copied the model all the way. But my imagination is rock bottom when it comes to dressing up people. I don't know why those sort of details bore me to death. Although when I see good outfits on other characters I go crazy in love with them. 

What I like about this composition is that the man has made himself small to better appreciate the details. .   Is he swept away by her beauty? Or a botanist and filled with questions. 

I don't know what to do because I feel the same way. Do I study the science or enjoy the beauty? I certainly feel that both could feed each other.  But a good diagram demands the art be informative. And art that asks the viewer to enter the see beauty that should NOT be too informative. This is like a map vs the landscape. Both have different purposes. 

Over the years taxonomy has taken on more complication in hopes of achieving greater accuracy. Family, Genus Species isn't enough. Now we need Clades and Tribes! 


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