Friday, August 27, 2021

"Be a Kid" Black and White Collage in Series #1 out of 21

 I am in mourning of many endings these days. 

-The end of living next door to my grandkids who moved to NYC.

-The passing of my 90 year old mother-in-law who spent the last 18 months sequestered away due to virus fear while also living with severe dementia.

-Life before COVID. 

-My aging cat who need more and more care by the day. 

-Not Normal destructive weather.   

-Loss of my extraordinary art studio in Tacoma and the life that came with it. 

The prescription is to tone down the news. And to rest in my new less glorious studio where I can allow all feelings to return to me. For now  black and white intuitive collage is the medium. I know it isn't great art, but it is a real, daily invitation for my internal muse to return to my daily life.

Day one: found word of the day "be a kid."  Reflects a desire to see the world with fresh eyes.

Day two:  found word of the day "THE STAR"   This one is all about my queenly ego.  I have many egos that all vive for attention. My first memory of this one was around 8 years old when I felt like an undiscovered movie star. 

Day three: Called "Interior" is about grief. These are seed shaped rocks that have taken up residence in my belly in hopes that I digest each one. Quite a task and a bit impossible at that. But I will stop and look and be content with the fact that I don't have to digest everything. After all, we do have both an in and an out part of our digestive track, non?

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