Thursday, July 15, 2021

Crayon bien taillés

 I just got off the plane from my visit to Erica’s for 4 days during which time while sleeping in Erica’s office I came across several unsharpened pencils. Which is some thing you would never see in my office. I love to sharpen pencils as a way to procrastinate. SO before I set out to sharpen Erica’s with her ancient sharpener, the darling yellows sticks beckoned to me. Surely there were not always so dull and worn. They must all have history as one even came from China!


These pencils were not even in Erica’s closet, they sat on her desk waiting to be set to good use. Of course she will probably mostly work on her computer. But I do hope for their sake that they get some use. 


Before I set to sharpening they spoke.

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