Monday, August 14, 2023

Working on my style


I'm working on my style these days. This one is black ink with a watercolor filling. I stayed simple and just used diluted yellow ochre for the skin color. I am beginning to realize that although I like mixing colors I never mix up enough or I soon alter the shade. Which means if   I need more, I have to struggle to match the color all over again. At this point in my life I need to accept my preferences and skills and just work within those parameters. I have so much to say and if I spend the rest of my days working on perfection than I will never get the story told. So this is me, this is my messy imperfect style.

And so the story will soon unfold on this blog. A story about the summer I sent to France in 1962. I have been working on it all summer and will wait until it is just right to post the pages one at a time. Writing this memoire has been pure pleasure. 

Here is one more. I think smooth skin is what I seek and so I finished this one off in Procreate

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