Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Mercy Ship


My mother died in hospice coming up on 8 years ago. My sister and I were present and holding her hands as she passed. During this time an image came to mind and has stayed with me ever since.  And it is this image of a battleship on the horizon taking her back to her homeland. Once the ship vanished into the horizon, I knew I would never see her again.  In my mind it was a good ship. A protective one that knew I would try and swim to her if it were smaller and more inviting.  A formidable ship is not something to take lightly. It had her and they were going going gone. 


And then it occurred to me this morning that my grandfather worked on a Mercy ship as a medic in WW1. Maybe he was the one who picked her up. Maybe he is living out his heaven healing those wounded soldiers that didn’t make it.  



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