Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The best life has to offer me.

A letter to my husband on the occasion of our 42 year anniversary

My beloved,

Words will fail me, yet it is in the attempt that perhaps you will see a bit of truth.


I have spent the better part of this year with the explicit intention of developing a close attachment to nature. Afterall, if I am to profess a belief in God, then should I not start with an appreciation of this incredible planet we inhabit? 

I began by looking at the great views, the mountain and water scenes, the clouds, even the rain. Ahhhh, beauty is real and it can feed me, I thought.  Later I felt drawn to explore trees and flowers. Such majesty in the variety and detail. Taking a second and third look has only fueled my curiosity and sense of purpose. How have I allowed for my problems to overtake this heavenly backdrop? Why haven’t I really felt the depth of this amazing place before?


Even water droplets have taken on a new depth for meaning for me. I have begun to wonder about the water I drink… from where did it spring and where will it go after passing through me?...   GOD has been right here all along. Under my nose and on my lips this whole time.


My own self is part of nature, part of this planet and indeed a creation of GOD. Well that is the ultimate attachment. It is the simplest, least complicated way to see the world, and yet without becoming aware, keeping the eyes open it is so easy to miss. 


And so my beloved when I look at you. I see more than a date that worked out. Or a guy who can tell a really good joke, I see you as a gift. An exquisite man who has taken billions of years of steady sunshine to evolve into who stood before me 42 years ago to become my husband. 


We have moved one another, opened each other’s hearts, experienced joy and tragedy, witnessed our times change beyond imagining. As my man, you are the best sample of nature I experience. You have provided not only material things but more importantly your attention and care. How in the world can I say that in words, in a card or even in a smile? 


Happy Anniversary,


Yours truly,


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