Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is enjoying moments of peace during the holidays. They are always a bit stressful for me. And to a large extent it has to do with a desire to nurture everyone. Buy all the right gifts, send money to everyone in need and cook incredible meals. 


However, this time of year, I am also reminded that this is an impossible task! I will get grumpy if I don’t at some point stop and take a deep breath! Our world needs mothers, yes! I get that. I try that. But we also need spirituality. We need to drop our doing and just enjoy the magic of being alive. This is where we find love and connection.

Finally I am humbled by the knowledge that I am not the creator. Even though I play one in this life time. Ha! And even though at times, I feel the spirit move through me, I know that I play a very small role in this incredible universe. 

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