Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Black and White Collage in series #8 - #11


#8 Understand
This one is about the difficulty of trying to understand someone with whom we are completely out of sync. Instead of being able to read their mind, I feel completely alienated. Of courses  the reining wisdom here is to  take a deep breath and really listen. Often, then  I am surprised to finally understand. 

#9 Called Don't 
 Don't try to help me read with the bounding ball. The words still don't make sense.  

#10 Don't sell yourself short
The rabbit wants to run but finds the ground inhospitable. 

#11  Zero Hour

This one  is about geologic time and its relationship to the present moment. How if we look at today’s slice of the rocks we can start to untangle the mess and figure out what pieces were broken down, which ones were pulverized, melted or washed away to the sea to become the tiny’s grains of sand. Some are sharp and some rounded.

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