Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Justs in Case

Just in Case

During the process of moving I noticed something. I have a lot of stuff that I don’t really need.  Some are keepsakes, some are occasionally useful and some are just plain beautiful. But most are “just in case.”

Just in case we have a party, a holiday gathering, a new baby, a headache, or broken limb. Just in case I get around to polishing the silver or my shoes. Just in case I can’t leave my house for six weeks and don’t want to run out of tin foil. Just in case that canned octopus starts looking appealing.

Just in case we have to put 10 people up for the night during a horrible snow storm and the heat is off. Just in case I have to go to a wedding and WANT to wear the same thing I did 10 years ago. Just in case I lose 20 pounds. Just in case a grandchild is interested in my old dolls. Just in case I want write a memoire.

Just in case I die, and my kids want to finally find use in all of these things.

I will change someday after I stop planning for the just in case.

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