Thursday, January 18, 2018


This is my Grand Père in 1955 with my eldest brother Steve. Avignon, France. They were close in the earlier years before my mom moved to Santiago, Chile. Now that I am my grandfather's age, I feel for how much he must have missed his "little buddy."

And here is a translated letter from Grand Père to Steve aka "Fafane" 

Avignon le 18 Septembre 1958

My dear little Stephane, Marriane and I went to Lyon last Thursday to meet your cousin Véronique the little daughter of your aunt Françoise. She is also a "wawa", but much younger than Sandra. She only opened her eyes a little and cried gently just enough to learn to breathe well.
You will explain all this to Luke. If Sandra were here to meet her cousin and I'm sure it would interest her a lot.
I would like you to tell me if you have finished pasting the images of your book. You probably remember that we had started working on the train that brought us to Lyon thirty-nine days ago.
You must have kept a good memory of this trip and the countries that the train went through. We could see the Rhone then we could not see any more, then he was coming back again.
From what Mom told us you had to start going to school these days. I think you're good at it and I'm sure you'll soon be able to read and write.
I recommend you to help mom every time she asks you. And also to be very obedient, to do everything she tells you right now.
Luc and Sandra can be capricious from time to time because they are babies who do not understand. But you who are a big boy who knows what to do to be wise, I want you to write to me soon: "So Grand père will be happy"
Ma and Grand père think of you three who were just in the garden and under the veranda it often seems to us that we will suddenly see you appear.

Tell daddy and mom we kiss them both well as you three

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