Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fake Blog by ZOEY

First Entry for
International Fake Journal Month with Roz Stendahl
About Zoey the Sculptor from Zeattle
April 1, 2017 10 AM

My name is Zoey and build metal sculptors for a living. I have recently moved my business to the Northwest because there are so many wealthy customers who are willing to go BIG and WILD!

Below is a design I am working on, and will be about 10 feet high. It is a commission for the millionaire Gill Bate’s  sculptor garden on his east side estate. I am still working out the details. I will be choosing the metals for each body part, the way to attach the pieces together and how to make a base. The horns will be especially challenging. I call this one Elandia inspired by the great Western giant eland of South Africa.

I’ve got a two week deadline and need to do some research!

Stay tuned!

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