Thursday, January 14, 2016

Inheriting a Marriage

I inherited their marriage,
though (I’m certain) that was not
                     their intention.

She whispered to me often,
    “Do not go gentle into that altered night.
    Like fins in an algae covered net
    you too
             will be trapped.”

Decades later
with different jewels
he forgot the jaded rules
and rubbed his
(already smooth)
along the hardened pew.

She laughed at him and screamed,
"That's not my name!
The mirror belongs to no one!
The winter is full of frozen water, not ice!"

They became
compassionate strangers
with four working hands
but their
voices no longer matched
the ones they heard before.

They stood like wood
rotten from the inside.

They swam like fish upstream.

              They pretended to be   the people
                     that others wanted them to be.

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