Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fallbrook Lane

Fallbrook Lane
There is only one house on Fallbrook Lane.
In it lives a little man and his Great Dane.
They have tea and biscuits every morning at six.
And then cold cuts and soda pop while they watch Netflix.
The man is not lonely, for he likes it this way.
They have a routine each and every day.
They drive to town on Wednesdays to get supplies.
They drive to the beach on Saturday to let salt air touch their eyes.
Everything is simple with the cottage and the man.
Some think he's melancholy with no one to hold his hand.
He doesn't think so until one day he agrees.
He rises at eight instead six and fixes black eyed peas.
His big dog is perplexed but happy at the change.
He thinks perhaps they will walk to another lane.
They do and that is where they meet Ms. Susie Frees.
She never ever gardens on Thursdays before three.
But today something tells her to go get things done.
So out she ventures with her Poodle named Everyone.
Everyone and Susie greet the man and Dane.
Then they leave the gardening and visit Fallbrook Lane.