Friday, July 25, 2014

My Garden Shed

I hope to draw this shed many more times. I am only now getting around to spending any real time in the garden. It is overwhelming to tend so many areas. And it is discouraging to spend an hour gardening an not be able to see that anything was done. The front yard has been my focus this year. I planted a rock garden and replanted a hill side with Seanothus. Now I am getting rid of a small dead tree that has been in a huge planter out front. I have no idea what to plant their next. Perhaps something tall and majestic.  I think the trick with gardening is to just worry about one area at a time. Results are what we are after and what is so motivating.

As for this drawing, I am pleased. It is far from perfect but I can see my personal progress over the years and so I sense my own growth. It has been good to keep the focus. And this is always a good thing.