Monday, July 2, 2012


Today was Day One of my watercolor class with Catherine Stock. We are a nice group with a lot to learn. She covered the basics. Don't be afraid of the water. Brush left to right and let gravity do the work. Plan like a slug and then paint like a rabit. I used nice japanese brushes that can carry a good amount of water and pigment. The course ended with a completed watermelon good enough to eat.

I have also included a picture if a deux cheveaux car that I rode in this evening on the way to the local pool. 20 laps after swimming ends my idea of the perfect day. This old car brought back memories of a childhood summer with my aunt Francois taking 7 of us to the pool. Don't ask me how she fit us all in but I do remember feeling like part of a jumbled mass of arms and legs in the back. I think at one point we just removed the back seat so she could layer us in. And then I think she rode about 10 km per hour at top speed.The car is basically a large aluminum can. The front vent is a screen over an opening. So the faster you drive the more ventilation. And whatever you do don't slam the door it has to be closed gently lest it falls off.

After the swim we stopped in at the local cafe where a pizza truck cooked up some amazing pizza.

Nice life right now, gotta grab it when you can.


  1. Your Watermelon in Watercolor, isn't that just like the start of a poem? It looks so juicy, amazingly beautiful. The 2cv is the symbol of the french car isn't it? My friend Gisou had a pink one and waou the spring action was the most funny thing when the road had pot holes. Perfect country side voiture that still can be cranked in the front. Love them! Can't wait to see more of your work in the next days. Miss you.

  2. Oh man, I missed the pizza! Who knew yo had to be out in the boonies to get good pizza in France?


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