Monday, April 3, 2017

A new tail for my Eland

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April 3, 2017  7:46 AM

Gill Bates just sent me an old surveyor's chain that he bought on etsy. He wants me to use it for the tail of the Elk sculpture I am working on. So more change! Or should I say more Chains!  Either way this should be interesting!

The chain-man would hold the Surveyor's Chain  created to help the surveyor measure the land. The chains measured close to 22 yards in length. As they were hand made, the accuracy of the distance would vary in small ways. 

The chains also contain Tallies to mark distances. A new tallie was placed every 10 links.

Below is a  photograph from the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Take notice of the men holding the chains. 

And so from all of this, I have created a design for the tail of my Elk. Made from Brass handles, Brass Tallies and 12 gauge steel links. The actual links will be 5 ft long but  this drawing will give Gill Bates and idea. I love my job because I learn something new everyday! And I hope you have learned something new as well!


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