Friday, April 13, 2018

April 13 IFJM The Bjorn Museum

April 13,

I headed outside for lunch and to enjoy a little time sketching my Museum. The grass is still a little wet after the morning rain and I notice a bird nesting under the eaves. I’m pretty sure they are swifts. This building was designed by Frank Loyd Wright. But he was never to see it built as he died in 1959. The plans were drawn for this space but my grandfather also died before the project could begin.  It was my father who had it built this in 70’s and so I lived in it for much of my childhood. After he died in 1993, I didn’t have the means to keep it as a family home so I turned to art patrons who have helped me convert the space into to a museum for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes I wish I had never never changed my married name to McDougal as Izzy Bjorn packs such a punch. But at least my my initials are IBM and well that has nice heft to it. So it all works out.

I thank my lucky stars for the contributors that keep this museum running. There are so many heros in the background of life. Our common goal of preserving beauty is what its all about. 

Below is a sketch of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright from a famous photograph.

Okay back work as there is so much to do before the gala opening!  Izzy Bjorn McDougal 2018