Zoey the Sculptor

A journey into a month with Zoey the Sculptor

April 1

Hi I'm Zoey

April 2

And this is my house

April 3

I am a sculptor. Sometimes I'm friendly with my work.

April 4

Sometimes, almost out of the blue my critique monster appears. 

April 5

Here are pieces of metal to a  Bandurria Bird Sculpture I am working on. It is a type of Black-Faced Ibis found only in South America.  I was asked by the Le Reve Hotel in Santiago to make a sculpture for their courtyard.

I use a water-jet metal cutting machine
 The yellow, orange and red pieces  were primed and then painted Valspar® Anti-Rust Armor Enamel Spray Paint. This stuff really lasts!

The gray piece is brushed aluminum as so I left it natural

The dark metal was darkened using a blow torch and bees was. Yes this really works!

April 6

Here's the bird is assembled and installed in the courtyard.

April 7

Lately I have been doing a lot of flat metal sculpture. Here is an Antelope on site at Erica' Meadows. Isn't he a charmer?

April 8

After a long day in the Studio I like to take a nature walk with my dog Tucker.

April 9

Here I am finishing a seal weather vane. This one is in 3D. Izzy the curator from the Bjorn Museum ordered one for the roof.

April 10

I have finally finished the horn details of my new antelope. This one is an Eland which lives in Africa. This sculpture will to go near the picnic area of Aspen Grove State Park.  

April 11

Here I am welding the horns on the head

April 12

Horns Welded! Check!!

April 13

This Junk Yard Roof will be perfect for the body

April 14

Saying goodbye to Ray.

April 15

Sometimes I feel like Dr. Frankenstein.

April 16

The behind the ear part is the hardest

April 17

Here he is installed at the Aspen Groove State Park.

April 18

Now I need to  make a tetherball court for Lakewood Elementary School. Sculpting requires a great deal of planning. Cement is fun, but you want to make sure you get it right the first time. 

April 19

 Getting the cement into the tires. I'll have to let them set for a few days.

April 20

 In the meantime, I take a breather and watch to sunrise.

April 21

Zoey's next project is to make two wolves for the Bjorn Museum's front courtyard. This first one was welded to some Rocks. The second one will take some more work.

April 22

The second one will be free standing and so she needs to be more carefully balanced.  Step one is to study the bone structure of a wolf.

April 23

Step to is to study the muscles. 

April 24

After using 10 gauge wire to form my wolf bones, I use Pal Tiya compound to build the first layer. After it dries, I will mold in some muscles and then end with the skin. To learn more about this cool material check out  www.paltiya.com

April 25

Now that the main mass is in, I am ready to start carving. 

April 26

 I can't help but get attached to each of my art pieces. They are like children to me.

April 27

Sometimes I get a little sad when I have to let go of a piece. But Tucker is always interested in the sites.

April 28

Dogs have a way....

of keeping me


April 28

and real.

April 30

More of my sculptures awaiting adoption at the gallery

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