Cindy the Designer

A Journey with Cindy the Designer

Hi, I'm Cindy and this is my Denim Store

Here is my Business Card for the store

My Denim is an exclusive import from the movie sets of our favorite shows like the Walking Dead, The Avengers, Deadpool and so many more. You see the stars are given a certain outfit to wear and then they are kept in the wardrobe warehouse for 90 days. After that, Fiona has set up a recycling of the denim to be sent directly to Zoeland.  My shop figures out ways to repurpose the Denim. We make, hand bags, jean jackets, skirts and even redesign the Jeans. I love my business! Of course I love clothing in general and was given the opportunity to design clothes for a recent Gala Event at the Bjorn Museum. This time I used original designs and imported fabric from Italy and all over the world.

Here I am fitting Izzy, the curator of the museum into an outfit that uses a fabric I designed out of the Bjorn Museum Logo.  

Here is am in a camel colored pant with leather jacket. 

Becker's Outfit for the Gala

Chris's Outfit for the Gala

Crystal's Outfit for the Gala

Daphne's Outfit for the Gala

Fanny's Outfit for the Gala

Fiona's Outfit for the Gala

Izzy's Outfit for the Gala

Leanne's Outfit for the Gala

Strickland Kid's Outfit for the Gala

Zoey's Outfit for the Gala

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