Zoeland Back Story

Map of Zoeland

This map was inspired by my own life history. Each building, element and object is a part of what makes me unique. For example, Zoey's home is a replica of my own childhood home in Rockville, Maryland. St Luke's Church represents my brother who died of AIDS at the young age of 33. Richmond Pond is the lake of my childhood haunt in Massachusetts. Lakewood Elementary school was the name of the school I graduated from in 6th grade. Erica Meadows was a field that my sister Erica and I played in growing up. Etc etc. The characters are also family and friends from my life - the names were changed but the heart is the same.  And so I invite all of you to make your own personal life map. Magic will happen! Guaranteed.

Zoey the Sculptor

Tucker Zoey's Dog

Fiona the jet setter.

Chris works at the shirt shop

Dolly Lama Zoey's llama

Crystal owns the Butterfly and Bee Garden

Tony is our cop

Cindy is a dress designer and owns the denim shop in town.

Fanny Pancake is a nurse and sketch-booking artist

Becker -is the local math teacher at Lakewood Elementary School

Jedi is Tony's dog

Puk Puk Zoey's chicken

Chipmunk - a sneak chipmunk who lives in the park next to Bucks

Colette - Zoey's neighborhood kid

Strickland Kid  owns the SUP shop on Bud Bay.

Leanne - has an island not too far from Zoeland

Daphne - owns the Whitewash Barn

Alicia - lives at the Senior Center and loves animals

Izzy - is curator of the Bjorn Museum

Julio - is a retired carpenter and help around town.

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